Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phase 1: Lather NEW PICTURES!

Phase 1: Lather

You wouldn't build a house on a foundation of sand would you? Well, the same concept applies to achieving a great shave. We're going to cover the secret to a great shaving cream lather here!

                                                    STEP 1

Get your stull together! Your brush, cream, oil and a nice bowl.

STEP 2   

Run that brush under some hot water! Soak up all 
those bristles. Don't be an idiot and pour boiling water on it either. Get it all nice and hot. Tap it off a little bit. Keep it moist but not dripping wet.


You're going to want to put about a nickle sized amount on the brush now. Keep the tube clean and wipe it on the brush. This saves product and keeps the tube cap neat and tidey!


Start swirling the brush around in the bowl. Above, this is after about 3 solid swirls.


Start mixing....

Get all those bristles saturated and covered with your lather.


Your product should look like this. Nice and smooth and fluffy. It's not too watery and not to thick.


Put that brush in the bowl and get ready for the next phase.

Some people like to keep their lather as hot as possible. I set it on a hot washcloth throughout the next few steps.


  1. Yeah these pictures are a lot nicer than the old ones.

    Good stuff.

  2. Nice post you have there..dude

  3. Nice tips but this would take too long for my taste. I like to use already done shavingfoam out of a spraycan. still might try this sometimes

  4. This would be helpful, if I didn't have a beard...

  5. wow! thats really useful information, thanks!

  6. See you only do it for the creams, what about those of us who use the shaving soaps? :( I still need to look into the cream lol I'm just so used to the soap.

  7. I really really really want to try it..

  8. Damn it must take ages shaving that way!

  9. Thanks a lot of man for the lathering tips! I'm going to buy my first DE Razor soon, but don't know what to get! What do you recommend for a beginner?

  10. Woah, I bet that feels increibly good. Been using the electric... so far, bad razor burn!

  11. To be true, I never really considered shaving that important, but then again, only the best shave the right way. I'll look into this though.

  12. yeah im a fan of the barbasol, call me trendy but oh well haha

  13. These picture are muuchh more illustrative of your instructions! can't wait for the next post.