Sunday, October 24, 2010

Acne treatment, clean pores and soft skin

I've had this product sitting in my medicine cabinet for about a year.  There's a reason its been sitting there for a year. It boasts "Deep cleans for smoother skin & less razor irritation." What it should really read "Overpowering scent, over priced and might make your face greasy." This is a friendly post to help people not make the poor choice of purchasing this acne treatment product/shaving product. Your face will feel greasy no matter how much you rinse, and the fact that it contains a large percentage of alcohol just makes me hate it even more. Not to mention, just because it has Neutrogena stamped on it, you're likely to pay four or five dollars more. I give this product two thumbs down, it went straight from my medicine cabinate, to my desk for a photo, and now its residing in my trash can.


  1. Thanks for the tip, I hate that greasy feeling, terrible idea to put any product containing alcohol on your face.