Razor Blade Review


Possibly the closest shave I have gotten next to the feather blades. These blades feel abnormally thin next to other blades. They come in a cardboard box, no dispose unit attached.

They are double sealed in an outter coat and an inner coat of wax paper. They have a thin one coat seal on the outside of the blade. I got about 5 shaves out of it before I felt a reduction in sharpness. Very smooth shave and awesome around the neck and chin. Very sharp, very affordable. Great blade for a beginner to start out on because you can really feel the cutting edge.

Bic Chrome Platinum Blades

A great razor. Comes ot small packages of 5. Cardboard box, no blade dispose unit. Coated with a chrome platinum coat.  
Razor comes packaged in wax paper individual units.

The blade cuts like you'd expect the first few shaves. The coating prevents oxidation but it sets in after a few uses anyway.  However, the dullin off effect was pretty obvious on the 5th and 6th shave. There also is a slight "pulling" of the razor. Great for people first starting because its not the sharpest blade out there, but gets the job done.


Quality blade produced in Korea. Has a blade coating. Stainless steel material. Comes in packages of 5. Cardboard box, no fancy blade disposible unit in the back.

The coating keeps the blade blemish free for the first couple of shaves. After it wears off, expect to put a new blade on your razor. This is a very sharp blade and isn't too forgiving for the novice shaver. Also, I noted some irritation around my neck a few days after using it. I wont be purchasing these anytime soon. Not a fan.

Derby Extra

Derby Extra, Super Stainless double edged blades. Comes in packages of 5, nice plastic container with a used blade dispose section.

Blades are coated in a "chromium-ceraminc platinum tungsten polymer.  This is one of my favorite blades. It seems to keep cutting and cutting shave after shave. The coatings prevent against oxidation very well. I've counted 10 shaves with this blade. I eventually tossed it not because it lost its sharpness, but because I dropped the razor in the sink and clipped an edge. If you're on a budget and want a fine razor, give this a try. It was great on my sensitive face and is one of the razors I keep stocked up on. I would also like to note, I passed a few of these off to a friend and he had a large reduction in shaving bumps after just a week's use.

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