Monday, October 25, 2010

Acne treatment shaving oil?

I had a friend drop this bottle off and asked me to put it on my shaving blog. He used it for quite some time because there isn't that much left. I recall he said he paid something along the lines of 4 dollars for it. He was orginally told by his dermatologist to consider it for us while shaving to cut back on the acne. There apparently is a trace amount of olive oil in it, which is good at combating acne. Surpirse?  No complaints about the product besides the price. You get about 18ML. It smells pretty good too. You can tell it's been cut down with some chemicals because its really not that thick.
Anyway, my friend gave it to me because he switched over to the recipe I have for the homemade shaving oil. He said my recipe works better, and is basically free beause the ingredients are all at home. I wouldn't waste your time on this product.

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