Saturday, October 16, 2010

Laser Hair Removal

Because I'm getting so many messages about Laser Hair Removal, I'm just going to post an update about it.  Laser Hair Removal is all the rage lately.  Everyone is getting it.  It's become more affordable and it lasts for quite some time.  There are a few things to take into consideration when getting laser hair removal though.
  • The reputation of the laser hair removal center is important.
  • Make sure the center is reputable and certified. They are working with LASERS afterall.
  • Special deals around holidays can decrease the cost.
  • Inquire about special group buys.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work? Basically, you are heating the hair follicle with a laser beam and killing it off. This prevents hair from growing, often for lengthy periods of time. Often this requires multiple laser hair removal treatments, sometimes up to eight.
This is great for people that are prone to breaking out in acne. Shaving has been known to cause complexion problems; the executive shaving method on this page is what its all about basically.


  1. I could definietly use some Hair Removal on my back. It looks horrible and my gf always has to pull them out one by one :(

  2. I want to keep all lasers away from my skin

  3. God, wish I had read this last week... anyway, are you interested at all in electric shavers? Wouldn't mind seeing a post about which one you think is best...

  4. I don't have enough hair to consider this treatment =p

  5. i dont trust this stuff at all. not natural

  6. I'd love to get my entire body lasered. Would be nice to never have to worry about hair again.