Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Derby Extra Shaving Blades

Derby Extra, Super Stainless double edged blades. Comes in packages of 5, nice plastic container with a used blade dispose section.

Blades are coated in a "chromium-ceraminc platinum tungsten polymer.  This is one of my favorite blades. It seems to keep cutting and cutting shave after shave. The coatings prevent against oxidation very well. I've counted 10 shaves with this blade. I eventually tossed it not because it lost its sharpness, but because I dropped the razor in the sink and clipped an edge. If you're on a budget and want a fine razor, give this a try. It was great on my sensitive face and is one of the razors I keep stocked up on. I would also like to note, I passed a few of these off to a friend and he had a large reduction in shaving bumps after just a week's use.


  1. nice, I'll pass this information along

  2. wow, thanks... I've been researching a kit, and this helps

  3. That's impressive. I wonder how many more shaves you could have gotten out of that thing.

    I would consider using this one if it is for more sensitive skin though.

  4. I'm assuming the Derby blade is your favorite from reading that review.