Saturday, October 16, 2010

Acne Treatment and Laser Hair Removal?

I've gotten three messages in the past week from viewers One about laser hair removal, one about acne treatments and one about keeping pores clean and clear.

Laser hair removal. This one guy is all about the laser hair removal. He makes his living with his face and is afraid that shaving will damage his pores and screw up his complexition. I don't know much about laser hair removal except it's expensive. He said he's going to give it a try and wants to know a good place to purchase an "executive shaving kit."

Acne treatments. This individual wrote in to express thanks about stopping his acne treatments. He wasn't really up to par on how to shave but with this website he learned. He actually sent a picture of his acne medications in the trash and a new executive style shaving set sitting on his desk.

Keeping pores clean and clear. One reader wrote in with an article about keeping your pores clean and clear. Apparently, this is key to preventing acne. We are working on an article all about keeping that complexion clean and clear and will post it ASAP.


  1. Laser hair removal is a great procedure...

  2. curious how that will all turn out, keep us posted

  3. sleep with a clean towel on your pillow and you wont ahve any acne

  4. Now I'm curious on how to keep pours clear lol.

  5. Hey really great to hear. Acne is a pretty huge problem, so I can imagine it will be a great article. I am actually interested a bit myself, though my acne is very small. Still though, I myself find it hard to keep even the smallest away. Some what puzzling subject. Hope to see more!